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Legal disclaimer

The contents in our web are ours, as authors and right holders.

We can modify the contents without notification.

We are humans, so we could be wrong when publishing something. We try not to do it.

If you use this web, is under your responsibility. Is not our fault what you do with our contents, or the wrong use you made about the information here published. We only post it.

You can link to our contents, but is not our duty to keep those links active, and we are not endorsing your motivations or the arguments where you are linking our content.

I you use our content without permission, not acknowledging our authorship, we are gonna get angry. Is our work and we eat from it. Don’t stole our bread.

Privacy policy and personal data protection

We are not a marketing company. Your personal data is not of our interest and we don’t keep it, unless our relationship goes beyond. When you write to us, your info is received as an e-mail. Is not going to a database.

Later, if we want to add your info to our contact book, we will tell you, but we are not doing it by default.

As we are not a marketing company, and we don’t like spam, we suppose you don’t like it, too. Be calm! Your data is not stored and we don’t allow anybody to use it.

If you believe we have any data from you, feel free to ask us. Probably we don’t have it, but we like to comply with current law.


We don’t agree with the European cookie law, which force us to molest visitors with notifications and explanations, but we must comply with it. It is for institutions to pretend to do something for our privacy, in a world where everyone is on social networks voluntarily exhibiting their privacy.

Yes, our web use cookies, as practically every other web in the world. In our case is to allow the browser to remember what language are you using. In the coockie only appears ES for Spanish or EN for English. Acording to law be must importunate you so you feel “safer”, as now you know that we have two letters about you. Terrific!

Do you feel safer now? Neither we.


Complete text in legal language

Legal disclaimer

The intellectual property rights of the website and the different elements contained therein are owned by Daniel Gibert Cobos (hereinafter the owner).

The owner reserves the right to make, at any time and without need of prior notice, modifications and updates on the information contained in the web or in its configuration or presentation.

The owner does not guarantee the absence of errors in the access to the web, in its content, or that it is updated in a timely manner, although it will develop the necessary efforts to avoid them and, if necessary, correct or update them as soon as possible.

Both the access to the web, as well as the use that can be made of the information contained in it, is the sole responsibility of the person who performs it. The owner shall not be liable for any consequence, damage or prejudice that may arise from such access or use of information, except for all actions resulting from the application of the legal provisions to which he must submit in the strict exercise of his powers.

The owner does not assume any responsibility derived from the connection or contents of the links of third parties referred to on the web

The unauthorized use of the information contained in this website, as well as the damages and losses caused in the intellectual and industrial property rights of the owner will result in the exercise of the actions that legally correspond to him and, as the case may be, the responsibilities that arising from this exercise.

Privacy policy and personal data protecction.

Contact details received through the various forms contained in are not stored or retained beyond the precise relationship for which are sent. They will be used for communications with the sender. The data will never be transferred to other companies or entities. In addition, we guarantee that the information you provide will under no circumstances be ceded to third parties.

In compliance with Spanish Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, you may at any time exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, communicating it through the form in the Contact section, including your the data to correctly identify the requested information.


A cookie is a small identification file that is stored on your computer in order to facilitate navigation, access and functionality of a website. It can contain information about public address of the computer, preferences of a web, user and password to stay active session between visits …

The current legislation obliges to indicate and communicate all the cookies used in the web page and the type of information that they contain. To this effect, we inform you what installs, or can install, the following cookies:

  • Language selection cookie: Contains only the information of the language used in your last visit, so that the same language is maintained in the next one. Expires in 24 hours.